• History of Santin Village 新田歷史

    San Tin meaning 'new field', is in the extreme Northwest fringe of the New Territories, Enclosing and area of 31 sq. km. It join Kam Tin in the South China in the North and Sheng Shui in the East, while facing Deep Bay and Pear River Estuary in the West.
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  • 文天祥歷史(1236-1282)

    文天祥(1236-1282)字宋瑞,二字履善,號文山,吉州廬陵(今江西吉安)人。 理宗寶佑四年(1256)舉進士第一。 恭帝德佑元年(1275),元兵長驅東下,文於家鄉起兵抗元。 次年,臨安被圍,除右丞相兼樞密使,奉命往敵營議和,因堅決抗爭被拘,後得以脫逃,轉戰於贛、閩、嶺等地,兵敗被俘,堅貞不屈,就義於大都(今北京)。 能詩,前期受江湖派影響,詩風平庸,後期多表現愛國精神之作。 存詞不多,筆觸有力,感情強烈,表現了作者威武不屈的英勇氣概,震憾人心。 有《文山先生全集》。
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  • Welcome to Man Clansmen Association (UK)

    大夫第為文天祥堂弟文天瑞的後人所建。『大夫第』者,即有功名之 人士之府第。從外表看來,大夫第的建築方法、結構和外形以至裝飾均為中國傳統手法,材料也運用了傳統的廣東清水青磚、灰瓦、陶瓷,但細心觀察,即可發現它 內裏佈局並非完全以軸為中心,左右也不相稱。有些裝飾細部,也有西洋韻味。大夫第最具特色的是它的木雕花、彩色玻璃窗,及石灣陶瓷裝飾。
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Written by Hon Man. Posted in manclansmen

Here's some pictures of the Chinese New Year celebrations we had recently. 


Many thanks to Golden Dragon Colindale and the staff and everyone else that attended.

The atmosphere was wonderful and seems like everyone had a lot of fun. 



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